The price of a driveway can vary greatly, depending on materials, extra work to be done, and various other factors. Here, we will discuss some of the general things you can expect to increase costs.

  1. Landscaping or Removal of Old Surface

If your area to be paved needs to be leveled, has existing surface that needs to be removed, or needs landscaping, the cost of your project will increase. Landscaping includes regrading, removal of trees, bushes, or other obstacles in the area, and additional excavation or general work needed to be done in the area. Landscaping can take time and require significant manpower, depending on the sixe and scope of work needed to be done. In particular, regrading can be expensive because it requires heavy machinery and time for the ground to settle.

  1. Size and Thickness

Obviously, larger areas take more asphalt and more time to pave. This will increase cost, but thickness of the new surface will also affect costs. Thicker asphalt or paving material will require more labor and time, as well as increasing the volume of asphalt that must be purchased. If the thickness needed is too great, excavation of the area under the new surface may be needed to maintain a smooth surface. Some surfaces will be expected to support heavy loads, such as roads and parking lots where large trucks or other vehicles will use. These area may need as much as 6 inches of depth to ensure a stable surface.

  1. Distance to Asphalt Plant

This can vary greatly, typically in large cities, it is more expensive. Asphalt plants produce strong smell and are not generally located in populated areas or in central areas, which means that the asphalt must be driven from the outskirts of a city. This can get expensive, because the asphalt must be kept hot in order to be laid properly, which can drive up costs for longer transportation times.

  1. Permits and Rezoning Costs

Permits and rezoning can drastically change the timeline and price of your project. When permits are needed, they can take from hours to week to obtain, depending on which permits are needed and the process required to receive them. Rezoning is a much longer and more arduous process; this requires your neighbors approve the requested change and all governing bodies allow the change to go through. Rezoning is expensive and difficult in many cases, and if you have a project you want to begin, start looking into any permits or rezoning you will require.

The overall cost of a project is hard to predict without specifics, which is why we offer estimates and quotes for projects! Always reach out and ask about the various aspects of a job and how much it will cost, especially if you have a complex project or need permits or rezoning to be done.

For an accurate driveway paving cost Long Island estimate, please contact us today! There’s no obligation and the quote is free.