Do You Have A Blacktop Driveway Project We Can Help With?

Blacktop driveways are a popular and cost effective paving option. Blacktop is a type of asphalt that uses a different mixture of sand, stone and adhesives than asphalt. The higher ratio of natural stone in the mix gives the surface of blacktop driveways their attractive sparkling quality. Blacktop driveways offer sleek curb appeal at a fraction of the price of other paving options such as concrete, brick or pavers. When taken care of, blacktop driveways can last up to thirty years. In addition to driveways, blacktops are an excellent choice for other paving projects such as pathways, parking lost, playgrounds and basketball courts. We recommend that you wash your Blacktop driveway twice a year, and apply a seal coat every three to five years to keep the asphalt in optimal shape.

We offer high quality seal coating services here at One Day Driveway, just check out our Seal Coat web page for additional information. It is normal for blacktop driveways to crack with weather and wear, fortunately, they are easily and seamlessly repaired with filler. Patched areas of blacktop driveway typically blend in quite well. This is in part due to their dark, matte, color, which also helps to hide stains and wear from oil, gas drips and rust better than nearly any other paving option.

Additionally, the rich dark color of blacktops absorbs heat from the sun and melts snow quickly in winter months. Asphalt is more malleable in the heat, so blacktop driveways are best installed in spring and summer. Blacktop driveways are good to go within three days of installation, so request a free estimate, and you’ll be on your driveway in no time!


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