Do You Have A Gravel Driveway Project We Can Help With?

Gravel driveways are perfect for cost-conscious home owners who are willing to put in some extra maintenance in exchange for the low installation cost. Thankfully, maintaining a gravel driveway is very simple. It entails adding more gravel to places where the ground has sunk due to shifting or water two times a year. Since gravel is a ready-to-go material, the installation is super easy and you can use it immediately, as opposed to a paved surface that must cure before it’s used. Water also easily dissipates or evaporates on gravel driveways since there are pockets of air in the surface. The cons of a gravel driveway include its difficulty to clear off during a snow storm, making it a poor choice for snow-heavy areas, and its affinity for attracting dust and dirt, which might be tracked into your home.


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